Gip recordz is a collective of experienced Artists and producers getting together to create  synergistic music. It is unlike any other musical out fit as it does not fit into the traditional mold of being a record label, music production house or distribution label  In fact it has elements of all those seamlessly rolled into one without restricting itself to a particularly traditional model. We choose the artist that we want to work with. we seek out artists that we want to work with and also welcome those who want to work with us. We are clear on our expectations in each working relationship  We enter into.

Our partnerships would ideally have mutual respect & a win -win attitude and  passion by means of a synergistic mindset. Our daily work requires us to write songs, produce music, distribute the material we produce and have it available for a world wide market. We work with professional singers, up and coming artist, rappers both established and underground, Bands, instrumentalist, Video Directors, and a host of other talents that may need us to assist  and transform your vision into reality.


  • Song Writing

    If you are a singer, rapper, a band, vocalist or any talented individual that may be in search of lyrics or a musical score, you have come to the right place. Our songwriters have years of experience in their craft and have proven themselves to be able to consistently provide top quality lyrical content. We are able to assist with many genres’ including Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae.

    Our mission is to make your unique musical vision a reality by helping you experiment with styles and finding the one that is right for you. So, if you are an established artist or an up-and-coming artist, our team is here to assist you in achieving your creative goals; whether it requires starting from scratch or finishing a tune that you have already begun. We are very flexible in our approach to making your vision a reality and our top priority is your satisfaction.

  • Recording

    We provide the best recording service that fits your needs. We do that by carefully first analysing your project. We have all the right tools to capture your desired sound, therefore be assured that every project will be treated with individual care. We have a wide range of options for our artist to choose from; from solo performances to bands.

  • Mixing

    We believe mixing to be an inimitable art form. Two mixing engineers would not be able to obtain the exact result on a given song. This is due to different tools such as mixing methods, styles, effects, dynamics, EQ settings, out board gear and VST’s.With us we keep it simple and work towards making it broadcast quality, while working alongside the artist with their vision in mind.

  • Mastering

    We work on your final mix down and make sure that it meets the requirements of broadcast quality for radio, television, CD’s and digital distribution. There are no short cuts here. We make sure it meets the competitive demands of the music industry.

  • Digital Distribution

    We organize your music to be officially released digitally on the world’s most popular digital distribution platforms. GIP Recordz works to make an artist life easier by helping their music reach the most appropriate channels that correlates with their specific genre.  We function like a traditional record store by making it easier for the artist’s audience to access the artists music they may be seeking.In some cases— depending on the special details of the project— we are also able to produce and duplicate the artist’s music on to CD’s, Vinyl and cassette tapes.

  • Demos

    Quite simply, a raw demo is the foundation to a masterpiece. Think of it as being in the infant stage of a proposed hit record. These are the songs that are held and protected in an incubator, waiting to be discovered by the right artist to bring them to life. Once it is ready to be taken home by an artist who wants to adopt it, they can shape it with their own style. These raw demos are recordings and compositions created by our in house team of songwriters, producers and beat makers. Our team members set out to create satisfactory material that will give artists the structure, melody, rhythm, BPM and other essentials needed to make a great song. Occasionally we use acapella’s to illustrate how the structure of a song should be performed. The purpose of this all, is to assist an artist in developing, recording, mixing and mastering there new song. We even assist in preparing it for digital distribution.

    Raw demos have been commonly used in the music industry for decades. It allows artists to acquire quality material and allow the creators of the record to express themselves. For example, Human Nature by Michael Jackson was inspired by a tape recording Steve Porcaro created for his daughter who was a victim of bullying. Michael heard the song by accident, decided to use it for his album and there a timeless hit was born.

    If you would like to get a better understanding of raw demos, please allow these links to give you that clarity:

    John Lennon – Strawberry Fields Demos (1966)Michael Jackson – Human Nature Demo




Lani is Melbourne’ s hottest new urban artist who effortlessly blends pop, Reggaeton and Dancehall while staying true to her roots in Creole fusion.

Her live show’s are Entrancing and Energetic. She is represented by Gip Recordz . Lani Lit up her 2017 with her new single “Follow the leader” she was warmly welcomed into the industry with positive reviews and staggering 20, 000 views on social media for the video.


Soe is a Melbourne based experimental band, that is heavily influenced by # Nu-metal Rocktronica and Drum N bass. Formed in 2016 by Stompy and Dj Nish DIaz they are currently working on their debut EP and live performances.




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